Essential Oils and You


Essential Oils and You

Here we are, thick in a new, new year. And already so much has filled up the calendars. As if battling pollution and stress levels were not enough, now we also have to deal with fringe outfits expressing their ire over cinematic explorations. Anyway, to each his own.
I suggest stay calm and bring the essential oils into your life. Let their goodness permeate into your body spreading their benefitting healing powers that might not shut out the vicious air but will definitely help you assimilate it in a soothed way.

Being in the industry of luxury aromatherapy, I’m often asked which aspect of it do I enjoy the most. While I feel uplifted about bringing about a change in people’s lives in a holistic way, I think the best hours are spent concocting. When I spend languid hours on a field full of flowers of all colours, shapes and aromas, I am amazed by their power and potency that will be reflected once their oils are poured into bottles. I love spending hours in my workshop, where the therapist on me is always researching on and blending potions to change lives. The success of Wikka is directly proportional to that.

To make the most out of the plants and flora around, it’s imperative that we know how they impact our lives and body. For instance, Basil oil has an extensive range of uses that goes beyond the palate. The 16th century herbalist, John Gerard used it to comfort sorrowful hearts. With the month of love around the corner, maybe unrequited lovers can keep it handy.

You see this plant growing in almost every home and rightly so. Because, eucalyptus oil has a gamut of goodness to offer you. Once you get to know it better, you’ll discover it doing much more than just diminishing the tan left by UV rays when you rang in the new year soaking up the Hawaii sun. Its benefits range from clearing the mind to revitalising the skin.
Another magical oil is Geranium. It has a natural make that has an extraordinary chemistry with the body and can tackle a host of health issues.
Wikka has just launched its own range of essential oils that are as authentic and potent as the potions we have been blending. Come, experience their goodness.



Rupal Shabnam Tyagi
Aromatherapy practitioner and Perfumer
Founder & Director – Wikka

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