Why you should choose Sulphate Free Products


Why you should choose Sulphate Free Products

Keeping up with the dilemmas of modernity, people today have come to realise the basics of healthy living – the very need to preserve and conserve, while we subsist with sustainability. The modern individual is a well-informed consumer, opting for the best and healthiest of choices. While beauty and lifestyle trends are moving towards the natural and organic, the element of “Sulphate Free” remains crucial – natural goodness and its wondrous effects for a healthier you.

What are Sulphates, how do they work and what are their ill effects?

While “Sulphates” are sure to prop up on most of your Bath and Body Care products, they are harsh cleansers that lift dirt and oil, with the foaming lather that comes along. Technically they refer to a number of ingredients including Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) and Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate (ALS), commonly found in skin and hair cleansing products.

In process of doing what they do, even the basics needed by the skin and scalp are stripped away, their toxic effects damaging the skin and hair, causing irritation to the eyes and sensitive skin. They make the hair frizzy and brittle by drying them out, also causing the hair colour to fade – damaging hair protein, worsening dandruff and corroding hair follicles.

Sulphates versus Sulphate free; how does it matter?

The Sulphate Free or Non-Sulphate products work their way in a gentle and healthy manner – with protective hydration for supple and shiny skin and hair. Made from natural surfactants, they cleanse impurities and do away with bad odour – boosting overall skin and hair health.

Unfavourable and harsh chemicals such as Sulphates can be directly damaging with regular use, also disturbing the pH balance of the skin in its natural form. They do away with the layer of natural oils protecting the skin, resulting in a lack of moisture, leaving it dull and depleted.

The difference that Sulphate Free products create is multi-fold:

  • They maintain the pH balance of the skin, improving physical texture by retaining the natural radiance
  • Gentle cleansers that maintain natural oil balances of the skin, scalp and hair – locking moisture and hydration through the deeper layers
  • Remove excess dirt and oil, without the toxic effects of Sulphates – minimizing risks of eye or skin irritation with good dermatological compatibility
  • They naturally condition, strengthen and repair Hair – preventing frizz, split ends and breakage, reducing greying and promoting hair growth
  • Prevent coloured hair pigmentation and fading – cleanse gently without the brassiness that tends to show in time
  • Skin and Hair friendly – prevent the absorption of harmful chemicals and their damage caused in the long run


Rupal Shabnam Tyagi
Aromatherapy practitioner and Perfumer
Founder & Director – Wikka