The Balancing Act & the need for Skin Balancing Products


The Balancing Act & the need for Skin Balancing Products

An array of Skin types comes with an array of Skin Products, followed by a long drawn course of finding the right balance for your Skin. While the common myth of treating dryness with oil-rich products & vice versa just makes it worse, it becomes important for us to understand our Skin and get the balance right.

We’ve often come across balanced diets but ever wondered what Balanced Skin is all about? The right combination enables the Skin to run its natural course – absorbing the needed, eliminating the harmful & regenerating Skin Cells for a natural radiance. Having to flaunt that natural glow today or defy premature aging tomorrow, striking the right balance is the key to beautiful skin, keeping the dull & dry away!


What is Skin Balance & how does it work?

With our Skin Tissue acting as a protective yet permeable barrier, all that is needed for supple & balanced skin is a healthy relationship of Water Moisture & Oil Moisture. One without the other is never the same – the imbalance makes the skin incapable of healing itself; sensitised & defenceless by robbing the moisture it needs. While it is true that younger the skin the better is its ability to hold moisture within, the actual balance differs from person to person, generally depending on Skin type & environmental factors.

Technically speaking, Sebum secretions are the ones that lubricate the skin & hair, creating a protective layer of natural oils, where the moisture balance remains largely determined by genetics & hormonal balances. They are also affected by our skin care routine & the products we use, where harsh cleansers like Sulphates and comedogenic ingredients like mineral oils, paraffin wax, silicones etc. can be extremely damaging. They tend to clog pores and strip away the natural oils & moisture – leaving the skin dull, depleted & dehydrated by furthering the imbalance.


Water Moisture versus Oil Moisture

The skin retains water moisture depending only on our liquid intake & the water-based products we apply, further determined by external factors like environmental stress, sun exposure etc. Lack of water moisture makes the skin dehydrated, where it tends to balance itself by producing oil moisture instead – leading to the oily yet dehydrated combination, which we try & compensate by overdoing oil based products.

Oil moisture on the other hand, is the only one produced naturally – the sebum secreted by sebaceous glands maintains the suppleness, strength & elasticity of the skin while acting as a protective barrier in a healthy complex. Lack of Oil moisture makes the skin dry, doing away with the protective layer of natural oils, affected with external factors just the same.

Reversing the bar & talking of balancing the ‘Excess’, the approach of stripping it all away does no good either. While ‘too much oil’ may bring with it another set of Skin woes, too much cleansing or over-exfoliation takes away the necessary oils too – compromising on the natural barrier & renewal complex. Over drying the skin by stripping away excess oil, further triggers the sebaceous glands to produce even more of it, disrupting the necessary balance & leavin