Stress changing Lifestyle. How can Essential oils help?


Stress changing Lifestyle. How can Essential oils help?

I often wonder why on earth humans progressed towards civilization. Roads, railways, transport, development, I-phones, laptops, I-pads, home theatres, multiplexes—we have it all. Thanks to technology we have the world at our doorstep at the click of a button.

But has it calmed us down? Has it given us peace of mind? The other day a young mother walked up to my studio asking me for a remedy to soothe her frayed nerves. As we spoke, I realized she was transitioning from a lifestyle journalist to a fashion influencer. Her current move entailed constant feeds on her social media handle and regular checks as to how much following she was garnering. Twenty years back, this would sound like a fuddy-duddy. But standing in the middle of a digital media revolution I can feel her trauma when she says, “I wake up in the middle of the night to check whether any followers have left!”


Being in the industry of luxury aromatherapy, I’m often asked which aspect of it do I like the most. While I feel uplifted about bringing about a change in people’s lives in a holistic way, I think the best hours are spent concocting. When I spend languid hours on a field full of flowers of all colours, shapes, and aromas, I am amazed by their power and potency that will be reflected once their oils are poured into bottles. I love spending hours in my workshop, where the therapist on me is always researching on and blending potions to change lives. The success of Wikka is directly proportional to that.


Even as I write this Delhi is crippled by a thick smog cover, making it difficult for denizens to breathe. I’ve had clients complaining about a heaviness of head, chest congestion, lethargy and loss of appetite. It’s the restricted supply of oxygen in our system. Trust me, you can lug that heavy cylinder to your house and partake of the gas every day but it is a cumbersome process. I administered a potion comprising eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil and olive oil to someone and advised her to use it in her room through a diffuser. In the evening she called back saying she felt better.


Courtesy the pollution we are living with today, I have clients coming to me with grievances about their hair and skin. All I give them are little bottles of aroma magic because at the end of the day we need these essential oils to get well and healthy from within. Lavender, patchouli, wheat germ, avocado, these are names that can do wonders. The effects are instant and these have extreme longevity. The change is from within. I took care of my husband’s acne problem using essential oils. He’s a total convert now. I do not use anything but essential oils when my children have cold attacks and allergies because I trust in aromatherapy like no other. I have benefitted from essential oils, whose use is all-encompassing, and hence I recommend people to use them.


Then there are corporates who find themselves making a hamster week of their lives. They often cannot realize whether they are living their lives or life is living them. A young couple I met the other day quit their high-flying corporate jobs and moved to India from Washington two years ago to set up something new. They wanted to spend time with their young boys, five and three. It was only fair that they enjoy these years. Building something from scratch would have its own challenges but the stress from a stuffy life wasn’t worth the while. I congratulated them for their bold move.


As a wellness therapist, I always advise my clients to make the right choice. Stress is a way of life now and it’s the part and parcel of the living we civilized humans are bogged down with. Those who carry on with the stress, land up in a mountain of mental mess. But those who make a choice and give themselves and their happiness priority, stay afloat.


No matter how many pills you pop to feel better, at the heart of it you need to make some lifestyle choices that will help you triumph. Eat wholesome food, use handmade potions and essential oils for a therapeutic cure. But, most importantly discover the luxury of time and enjoy it with your near and dear ones. Deadlines can wait for a while. Once you accept that, you’ll see the stress dissipating.

There is a world of wonder happening through essential oils. A world that should be allowed to change your world.



Rupal Shabnam Tyagi
Aromatherapy practitioner and Perfumer
Founder & Director – Wikka

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