Why you should choose Sulphate Free Products

Keeping up with the dilemmas of modernity, people today have come to realise the basics of healthy living – the very need to preserve and conserve, while we subsist with sustainability. The modern individual is a well-informed consumer, opting for the best and healthiest of choices. While beauty and lifestyle trends are moving towards the natural and organic, the element…


The Balancing Act & the need for Skin Balancing Products

An array of Skin types comes with an array of Skin Products, followed by a long drawn course of finding the right balance for your Skin. While the common myth of treating dryness with oil-rich products & vice versa just makes it worse, it becomes important for us to understand our Skin and get the balance right. We’ve often come…


Essential Oils and You

Here we are, thick in a new, new year. And already so much has filled up the calendars. As if battling pollution and stress levels were not enough, now we also have to deal with fringe outfits expressing their ire over cinematic explorations. Anyway, to each his own. I suggest stay calm and bring the essential oils into your life….